Wordless Wednesday: love locks.

You may have heard recently that one of Paris’ famous “love lock” bridges had been weakened by the weight of all the padlocks. The bridge that had been referred to was the Pont Des Arts, which had a portion of the side reinforced. Last year on our trip to the beautiful city we stumbled onto that bridge and it was indeed gorgeous, but it was the smaller Pont L’Archeveche nestled in the shadow of the soaring buttresses of the Notre Dame that really caught my heart.

So, in joining in on another Wordless Wednesday here are some of my photos.
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23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: love locks.

  1. I don’t think we’ve got any cool lock bridges in the US but Seattle has a gum wall. It’s both gross and cool, but mostly gross and very Seattle. Pictures from Paris will never get old, thanks for posting these. I love how I can *see* the weather in the photos.

    • Gum walls do sound very Seattle, even never having been there.

      The Paris photos never get old for me either. Can you feel that crisp cold air on your cheeks?

      • I’ve been trying to find my gum wall photo ever since your post. Remember that one you wrote about backing up photos? I can’t find about 700.
        More Paris photos sometime please! Can’t imagine just popping into a cafe for their cheese, bread, some tea and then looking out over that bridge. Someday I hope.
        I wish that cold Paris air was on my face right now but I can’t complain…it’s not even 18°C on this Buffalo “summer” night(and I love it).

  2. Pingback: Wordless Wednesday: love locks.

    • Thanks Tam. It’s not surprising in some way considering the weight of attention those padlocks. I wonder if they will all have to be removed one day?

  3. Obviously not the idea at the time, but the weight of all those locks making the bridge crumble seems to be an analogy for an abusive relationship. Lots of small gestures, disguised as love, yet acting as a restraining tie until it’s just too much pressure and too late to stop things crumbling. Poor bridge.

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