Bite Size VI

It’s been a while since a bite sized dispatch, but I have been struggling to grab hold of all those moments before they have flown out of my head. Here’s what has me shaking my head lately. 


A post by one of my favourite bloggers combined with the public furore over a pregnant celebrity smoking got me to thinking about the state of motherhood. Or at least the public face of it. Seems that if you want a gold star for you sticker chart you need to be a cartoon slash 1950’s slash stepford type of mum. You know the kind: always smiling, immaculate home, five star meals (organic please), and perfectly groomed and behaved children. You should also craft, nurse, and use cloth nappies. Which is where I say hell no. The cloth nappy thing. Let’s just say that if I hadn’t had the option of disposable nappies I would not have four children today.


Watching a documentary about John Lennon’s “lost weekend” had me thinking out loud about my own disappearance from the music scene. A passionate music lover my whole life, when the babies started coming the music got turned down. Way down. Concerts by my favourite bands didn’t even register because I forgot who they were. The radio in the car was set to breakfast radio, and I had no idea what was out there. Weekend? Call it a lost decade. Thanks must go to Tex Perkins and The Beasts Of Bourbon for releasing an album in 2007 and saving the day.

Thanks Tex. And cheers to you too.

Thanks Tex. And cheers to you too.


I was a bit disappointed at Christmas time to notice that people just don’t seem to be sending Christmas cards anymore. Looking back the amount received has been trickling down each year, and this past year we received a grand total of four. In the years before we have had so many I had to ask for an extra recycling bin. Is it me, you may ask? Am I sending less? No, I still send between twenty-five and thirty each year. Could it be that I’m just a bitch and people are discovering that fact? Well, that may be a possibility. I understand that everyone is busy, but come on guys: it’s Christmas.


I have been seriously considering setting the legal dogs on the large supermarket chain where Mister Seventeen works. Not only have they underpaid him since day one without correcting it, they now mock him for getting his parents involved and have told him if he resigns he will get no back payments. My next stop is their head office, where I plan to lodge a long list of complaints, and a call to the state health department. I’m sure they will be interested to know that this store sells cold meats past their expiry date, leaves cold meats sitting on the slicer all day, and the refrigeration of the deli counters regularly breaks down. Mess with the cub, you get the lion.


I got all excited when I saw in my Twitter notifications the other day that Evan Dando, yes he of Lemonheads fame and currently in Australia, had favourited one of my tweets. Until I saw which one. Typically, the good ol’ drunk tweet. Note to self: no more drunk tweeting no matter how much it amuses you at the time. Here’s what I said:


And on a final (eccentric) note, Mister Four has been asking me the same question for about three days: “Mum, would you eat fish guts?”. The kid needs to stop watching cooking shows.

Over and out,

7 thoughts on “Bite Size VI

  1. Love your bite size posts! I couldn’t fo clothe nappies either – sorry, but I just couldn’t.
    I hear you about the music too! I think it’s my children who are slowly saving me lol although one of them did download “Video Killed the Radio Star” onto their iPad the other day lol people just look at us as if to say, where in the hell would he have heard that song?! Ummm…yeah, breakfast radio and stations that like to play old music.
    I am guilty of not sending cards the past couple of years. I used to send something like 70! But I agree with you – will try and make more of an effort this year but no promises.
    I say go for it with teh supermarket! They are a law unto themselves! I’ve been meaning to contact health authorities regarding the way they store/sell milk!
    Finally, that’s totally cool about the RT!

  2. Hooray for bite size!
    · Pregnant celebrity smoking and they’re making a fuss about it? Ugh! When i was pregnant, I got scolded hy a man for buying an iced effing coffee. Seriously, some people just need to focus on their damn selves!
    · Hooray for finding your music again. I’ve always enjoyed chill music, so it stayed perfectly with the addition of Doodle. Concerts, not so much, but they weren’t really common before him either.
    · I hate Christmas cards, I never remember to send them, and I never know how long before I can toss them without being a jerk. I’m glad we don’t get a lot. :)
    · You should definitely go talk to that store and let them have it! They’re completely taking advantage of your cub. That’s what mama lions are for!
    · If drunk tweets get you noticed by the celebrities you’re crushing on, I’d say go on a binge drinking marathon and tweet about your whole list of crushes! Worst thing that’s going to happen is those famous people will actually for a split second know you exist! :)
    · Well, would you eat fish guts?

    • Poor Chrissie Swan, said celeb, actually tried to buy the photos to stop publication. Happy to say lots of people also supported her too. And as for drunk tweeting this guy, we have seen him at quite a few small gigs lately, and I keep wanting to say hi but don’t, so I guess this way he now knows I exist! Tragic. And fish guts? No way. He thinks it’s hilarious.

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